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5 Reasons Why Photo Booths Are Great For Brand Activations

Photos are all the rage now. You can't go a day without seeing someone taking a selfie somewhere. In this blog we take a look at how you can use a photo booth to enhance your brand activation.

Brand activation for Amazon Prime in Norwich

1) Social Media

Photo booth software has come a long way since photo booths first arrived for hire at events. They now have online sharing capabilities. Our photo booths all have social media and sharing capabilities so anyone using the photo booth can share their photo anywhere.

2) Email sharing

Once the photos are taken anyone using the photo booth has the option to share their event by email. We can format the email to come from your email address with any text that you'd like included.

3) Photo Booth print outs last for up to 50 years

We've all been handed a flyer at some point. But imagine a flyer with your face on it, would you throw it away? That's why photo booth prints are great for brand activations they bring your branded flyer to life and what's more they last for up to 50 years!

4) Survey and data collection

If you want to do a bit of market research or collect email addresses then photo booths are the perfect way to offer something in return for users to input their data. We can collect information/emails before or after the public take their photo and you'll get a full file with all of the details straight after the event to take action on.

5) Brand awareness

With your brand all over the photo booth you can rest assured it's a great advert placed anywhere. Additionally, we include branding of all the photos with all of our hire packages so the public go home with as a keepsake.


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