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6 Questions To Ask Before Booking a Photo Booth

So... you've booked your venue and now you're looking for suppliers to fill it with. Whether you're booking for a wedding, party or corporate event It can be confusing looking through all of the different photo booth hire companies offers and understanding exactly what's included. So we've written this handy guide of what to ask to assist you with making the right choice.

a photo from our oval booth at a wedding


1) Do they offer totally unlimited prints as well as one for your guestbook?

This is the most common issue we see. You'll often receive a quote with something like: unlimited visits/unlimited use with double prints. In reality what this means is that you'll receive one print for the guestbook and one print for your guests to share between them. So what happens if you have 8 guests all leaving to different places after the event? they have to decide who keeps the print out.

We're one of the only photo booth hire companies around that offer totally unlimited prints + one for your guestbook so your guests won't be left to decide who keeps the print and you'll have a copy too.


2) Do they have public liability insurance and is their equipment PAT tested?

Any photo booth hire company worth their salt will have this covered. Most venues require a copy of the suppliers PAT and public liability insurance certificates before they're allowed any where near the venue. Safety has to be a priority. We've heard horror stories of companies being refused entry to a venue as they've not had these in place.

We're covered up to £10m in public liability insurance and each component on all of our photo booths is PAT tested.


3) What type of camera are they using?

You only get one shot at your event and the right camera will make all of the difference.

There's a few different types of camera that photo booth companies use:

1) a budget webcam

2) a DSLR camera.

If it's a webcam that they're using, the images are going to be of poor quality. Would you allow a photographer to roam your event with a webcam?

We only use DSLR cameras in our photo booths and as an added bonus we have studio flashes too!


4) What type of printer are they using?

Again, there's a few types of printer that you can use with a photo booth. We'll focus on the main 2:

1) Inkjet: this is the kind of printer that you'll find around the household/home office

2) Dye-sublimation printer: This is the kind of printer that photographic studios use.

When looking at booking a photo booth. Make sure they're using dye-sublimation printers otherwise your guests will be sitting by the printer throughout the event, waiting for their sub standard prints.

We only use dye-sublimation printers in all of our photo booths.


Do they add their own branding to your prints?

We see this a lot in the photo booth hire industry, all of the photos that come out are stamped with the photo booth hire companies branding on. Is this really what you want on your photos? Are they meant to be a keepsake for your guests or a business card for the company? A quick way to find out is to check the gallery on their website or scroll through their pages to see photos from previous events.

Rest assured that we never add our branding to your photos.


How long have they been in business?

You'll find a lot of photo booth companies that have little to no experience in the photo booth industry. It can be a rocky road to begin with. You're connecting all sorts of components together in the hope that they'll just work simultaneously. There's all sorts of problems that this throws up and only a company with experience will have the knowledge to rectify these issues quickly. Look for at-least 3 years in business or 1000+ events of experience.

We've been in business for 5 years with over 3000 events experience. We've been through all of the problems so you don't have to. Our photo booths now have the best components possible with the most reliable software.



We've seen all sorts of options on the market, some good, some bad. However we guarantee that you won't find a quality company like us anywhere else that offers the same great value pricing. We even offer a price match guarantee on this.


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